255 Hillcrest Drive
Southern Shores, NC
Three years ago, I began working with Jeff and Allison in their journey toward buying a home. Two years of financial preparation followed. Once they were ready, we viewed many homes. I knew the owners and the couple who rented the home that my clients ultimately bought. The home has a large open living area and is well maintained. Its high elevation eliminates the need for flood insurance.

The final owner passed away and the renting couple moved out. The estate’s asking price was $299,000. On October 2, 2018 we went into contract for $289,000. The estate said the house was completely paid off, but my buyer’s attorney discovered that the deceased owner’s loan was still on record in the Dare County Courthouse. It took time to track down the final lender, find the records of the old loan and get a release letter to expunge the loan.

For an FDA loan, the appraiser showed that the seller had to replace a smoke detector and a trim piece on an Anderson bay window. The contractor that I recommended installed the smoke detector but was quite ill when he delivered the trim and caulk. I removed the remainder of the old trim piece and cut, caulked and fitted (pounded) the new trim piece into place.

The estate credited my buyers $3,500 to cover the small repairs and the additional fee my buyer’s lender charged to extend their loan. We closed and recorded the sale on December 12, 2018.
A Note From Allison & Jeff:
243 Sea Oats Trail
Southern Shores, NC
List Price $319,000
Sold Price $320,000
Ann Nygaard listed her beach retreat for sale with me for $319,000. A buyer saw it in our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and wanted to view it immediately. Ann’s wonderfully maintained home went under contract that first afternoon. Selling that quickly made me nervous about our asking price. The other agent advised they had been trying to put another home under contract for two weeks, but the seller wouldn’t be reasonable (reduce the price). His buyer was fed up and angry. Then the buyer saw Ann’s house – exactly what they wanted – Done!

I made a number of suggestions prior to listing Ann’s house. For example, wooden slatted sand fencing (up North it’s snow fence) was around the bottom of the home’s pilings and wood was stored under the house. I spotted evidence of termite activity. I asked Ann’s family to remove every bit of untreated wood from under and around the house. If there are termites within fifty feet of a house, the whole house must be treated! Ann’s house passed inspection with flying colors!

We closed and recorded the $320,000 sale in forty-one (41) days. Ann offered $5,000 toward the buyer’s closing costs yielding a net sale of $315,000. When I checked the Closing Statement I discovered that the buyer was paying $1,523 annually for flood insurance. The site of the home is at least twenty feet above mean high water (MHW) and the pilings put the first floor eight feet higher than that. I advised the buyer’s agent so that he could inform his client.

Months later I contacted the buyer on another matter. As we chatted, I gave them a creative, low cost solution to a chronic erosion problem. I asked if they had removed the flood insurance. In the flurry of paperwork at closing the buyer forgot their agent had relayed my message to them. They eliminated the unnecessary expense immediately.

Buying a home is exciting, but can be confusing too.
A Note from Ann:
List Price: $ 324,000.00 Listed By: Co-broking agent
Sold Price: $ 305,000,00 Sold By: John W. Chiles, Jr., Broker, Shore Tern Realty, Inc.
Concessions: Seller made some repairs and paid $ 5,000.00 toward my buyer’s closing costs.
264 N. Dogwood Trail
Southern Shores, NC
This 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom, 1.406 Sq. Ft. home was constructed in 1982. It is located on a secluded, 1.08 Acre, CANALFRONT lot. N. Dogwood Trail is a long cul-de-sac so there is no through traffic. Higher end homes have been built on the sound front and canal front lots. This lot rises up sharply from the canal so the home is in the “x” Flood Zone and no flood insurance is required. My buyers were referred to me by a previous client. They enjoy remodeling and are very creative. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
Friday, December 16, 2016 --- Listing Date
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 ----- Contract Date
Monday, February 6, 2017 ------ Closed and Recorded
List Price: $ 133,000.00 Listed By: John W. Chiles, Jr., Broker, Shore Tern Realty, Inc.
Sold Price: $ 129,000.00 Sold By: Co-Broking Agent
310 Hillcrest Drive
Southern Shores, NC
My clients wanted to sell one of their two, adjoining, high elevation dune top lots. Their preference was to sell this lot. This large lot is located among nice homes and new homes were being built around it. In order to build, some trees need to be removed and it will require significant fill material. These factors were taken into account when we priced it. Once this sale was recorded in the courthouse, we removed the listing for the second lot – the lot my clients wanted to keep all along.
I was the listing agent on: Saturday, August 6, 2016
A Co-Broking Agent Put it Under Contract On: Wednesday, February 9, 2017
Sold & Closed: Tuesday, March 28, 2017
224 Hillcrest Drive
Southern Shores, NC
List Price: $ 268,400
Sold Price: $ 260,000
The owners of this property called me in 2012 about information I had sent them about another property. Since then we corresponded and had a number of pleasant meetings. When they decide to sell, they listed with me.

They used their three bedroom, two full bath, 1,248 sq. ft., 1984 home as a secluded vacation retreat for the past 17 years. They maintained it so well the brown shag carpet and vinyl pine paneling are in excellent shape. The vinyl siding and architectural shingle roof are in excellent shape. The home is well built and rock solid.

When they came to the Outer Banks to list their home with me, they discoved one of their outdoor heat pumps and hot water heater had failed. They don’t do things half way. They installed a brand new dual zone (2) Trane heat pump system and a brand new hot water heater. I connected them with my preferred plumbing company and they had all new plumbing installed for their outside shower. My son helped them with major limb and tree removal and brush hogging so the house can be seen from Hillcrest Drive.

On August 6,2016, we listed the house for $ 279,000.00 with a 5.0% brokerage fee. If Shore Tern Realty, Inc. was also the selling agent, the commission for both sides of the transaction would be 4.0%.

We had a large number of showings, but no takers. In the meantime, Hurrican Matthew hit. The home sits up high and was protected by the dune in back. I did clear fallen branches and raked and swept their long concrete driveway. I discovered the outisde shower’s cover over the water valves under the house was missing. I drained the outside shower and installed insulation and a new wooden cover plate over the valves.

We lowered the price to $ 268,400.00. Very quickly we had more showings. My sellers signed a contract for $ 260,000.00.

On very worrisome thing happed right as we were ready to close the sale. Scammers attempted to steal my seller’s equity by E-mailing a fictitious change in the routing of their funds. I have worked for many years with the buyer’s paralegal. She knows I ALWAYS SHOW UP IN PERSON to handle anyting of significance for my clients. She responded to the scammers “NICE TRY!” We closed and recorded the sale in the Dare County Courthouse.

My seller’s equity was wired to their account right on time and without further incident.